2023 Stewardship Campaign

Sunday, October 30 marks the beginning of our 2023 Stewardship Campaign, “Healing After Loss.” We’ll spend the next four weeks reflecting on preparing our congregation for healing and growth for 2023.

And don’t worry, it’s not all about raising money for our church. The stewardship campaign series is meant to be about you too. It’s about healing and growing for you as an individual, after a couple years of feeling anxious, confused, and fragmented. It’s about how to get your zhuzh back—financially, spiritually, physically, emotionally—all of it. Let us remember that God gave us the gift of life not just so we can live it but so we can live it abundantly (John 10:10). God doesn’t want us to just survive, but to THRIVE. 

Below is the calendar for the stewardship campaign. On the final Sunday, November 20th, we’ll be invited to come forward with the enclosed pledge card, to mark our financial commitment towards our church’s continual healing and growth. Though the pledge card only marks your financial commitment, please let us know if there is an area of the church where you would like to offer your leadership and time. Our heart and service tithes are just as integral to our church’s health and growth.

Services at 10 a.m. every Sunday. A vibrant children’s program and nursery are always offered.

Sunday, October 30: Pastor Lydia preaches on God’s view of money and how it can transform how we use it, make it, and share it. All of us (both kids and grown-ups are also invited to wear our Halloween costumes to church if you’d like. After the service, as is custom at Walnut UMC, we’ll collect donations for an outreach ministry, which for this year is Pastor Krista’s nonprofit ministry, Friends of Padhar Schools. 

Sunday, November 6: Some of the youth will share their dreams for our church and what they need to grow in their faith. It is also All Saints’ Sunday so we will remember those who transitioned from this life to life eternal this past year.

Sunday, November 13: Manny Dan, our Finance Committee Chair, and Carol Coy, our Lay Leader to Annual Conference, will share a little bit about where our money goes and where we want to go as a congregation in the upcoming year. 

Thanksgiving Sunday, November 20: Louisa and Arnie Amezcua will share about how this congregation has been instrumental for their family and growth. This is also the Sunday where we will be invited to bring our pledge cards to church. We will celebrate the end of the campaign with a Thanksgiving potluck after church!