Our Newest Sermon Series: Let’s Do This

The Spring equinox just took place on March 19th and agriculturally, the spring is a time to plant seeds and do the hard work of growing an abundant harvest that we can gather in the fall. Growing a healthy garden not only includes putting in the labor; it requires having the foresight to plant in nourishing soil, to have the courage to prune when necessary, and finally, practice patience as we wait for results.

When my son is ready to do something fun but requires commitment and diligence on his part, he rolls up his sleeves and yells, “Let’s Do This!”

The hibernation season of winter is over. The adventurous days of summer have yet to arrive. The harvest gathering of the fall is two whole seasons away. Let’s fully live into the spirit of spring by rolling up our sleeves and putting in the hard work of making our lives and the lives of those around us better. Let’s do this! And most importantly, together! Let’s do this together!

Sunday, April 7th: Decide to bloom where you are planted (Jeremiah 29:1-7). This is also a Communion Sunday! (Our Director of Young People Ministries, Navraj Kaler will preach and The Rev. Miguel DeGuzman will preside over communion.)

Sunday, April 14th: Know that you are chosen (Isaiah 6:1-8)

Sunday, April 21st: Make changes (Luke 19:1-10) and celebrating Earth Day!

Sunday, April 28th: Take responsibility (Matthew 7:3-5)

Sunday, May 5th: Trust God to provide everything you need along the way (Exodus 4:1-17)