Easter Sunday

Christ is Risen! Hallelujah! Tears welled up as we remembered that it had been three years since we last celebrated Easter in-person as a congregation. As such, this service felt especially celebratory. Pastor Lydia preached on the gospel passage that describes women finding an empty tomb (Luke 24:1-12). The reactions of Jesus’ followers run the gamut in this passage, from unbelief to instant belief to instant curiosity, which is to be expected. Yet, God invites us through this passage to start seeing not only with our minds and eyes, but to start seeing with the eyes of our hearts. When we do this, we will truly know and understand what it means to be a people of resurrection.

The choir performed “Open Our Eyes, Lord,” a sung Amen, and “Then Came the Morning.”

Many thanks to Don Driftmier who was our liturgist, Andreya Custodio who recorded the service, and Grace Amador who was the pianist.

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