Holy Week Devotions – Tuesday, April 7, 2020

“Light One Candle” is a Hannukah song made famous by folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary first recorded in 1986. As I was thinking about how we can pray for those who’ve been affected by the pandemic, my list grew and grew: doctors, nurses, medical personnel, those who’ve died and their families, those who have tested positive and are fighting the virus, those who are sick and awaiting results, those whose lives have been disrupted….. that’s all of us! We all need prayers for help and healing; we all need prayers for strength and comfort. How do we pray for everyone that needs help?

Then I remembered the power of light in the darkness, about how one bit of light can change the darkness and I remembered all those times in history when the darkness threatened to overcome us. And the words we remember at Advent, from John 1: 5,  “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Today’s activity: Light a candle for the people you are praying for today . Light a candle for the struggles of those in need in the world. Light a candle for those who live in poverty and “hot spots”, for those struggling to stay alive and remain hopeful. Light a candle for the world. Take a photo of your prayer candle and post the photo. so that we can all share the light together. Don’t let the light go out!