Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the needs and the interest of young children. We strive to help children develop concepts that will provide a solid foundation for later learning.

Classes are kept to a 7 to 1 child/teacher ratio to enable the teachers to meet the individual needs of each child. Activities are designed to provide experiences in science, art, music, literature, and outdoor activities.

A daily schedule is planned to provide a balance of activities on the following dimensions: indoor/outdoor; quiet/active; individual and small group/large group. It will include eight areas of growth: fine motor, gross motor, emotional, social, cognitive/intellectual, sensory, language, and spiritual.

A Newsletter and Lesson Plan will be passed out monthly to keep parents informed of upcoming events and classroom activities. Lesson plans are also posted in the classroom.

Bible  Teaching

A child’s spiritual development is an essential part of our program. For that reason, we have set a curriculum and routine that insures that we as a staff, are united in the fostering of spiritual growth. This includes daily “Spirit Time” which consist of music & prayer as well as a weekly Chapel time, bible lessons, and bible verse. There are also crafts, activities, and books to reinforce the lesson throughout the week. Prayers are also said before snack and lunch.